Mystery Science Theater 3000 box set 29 arrived in the stores recently and it’s the best MST product I’ve reviewed so far. It’s a seriously great collection of films. I don’t recall seeing any of these during the original run, but these are all classics. The movies are just bad enough to be good and the jokes are all great. I was surprised how much I found myself laughing, especially when compared with set 25, which I could barely sit through. There’s bad enough to be good and then there’s just truly bad. This set sticks to the former end and is a hoot!

MST3K: XXIV comes with Hercules And The Captive Women (the last of the Hercules films, Dr. Forrester proclaims), PumaMan, The Thing That Couldn’t Die and Untamed Youth. PumaMan and Untamed Youth are particular atrocities, but they’re so well handled, they’re quite enjoyable.

Bonus features mostly center around behind the scenes for the original films being parodied, which is too bad. All in all, I’d prefer some cast memories about the episodes in question or outtakes that went unused in the final edit. The complete list is below.

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Full disc specs:

Hercules And The Captive Women:
Introduction by Joel Hodgson
MST3K Artist in Residence: Steve Vance
The Posters of MST3K

It is interesting seeing a making of with the artist who creates the fun, little, mini-posters that come with each set. The full set of digital posters are a nice touch.

Un-MST’d PumaMan
Interview with star Walter G. Alton Jr.
Much Ado About Nanites

Un-MST’d PumaMan is the full length movie (1:36:00) with no MST comment track. Not sure I could sit through that. The Interview with PumaMan star Alton is interesting toward the end as he discusses his thoughts on the MSTing process of PumaMan.

The Thing That Couldn’t Die:
The Movie That Couldn’t Die
Original Trailer

Another behind-the-scenes for an unwatchable flick, plus its trailer. Skippable.

Untamed Youth:
Introduction by Joel Hodgson
Interview with Mamie Van Doren
About Joel Hodgson’s “Riffing Myself”

The Joel bits are interesting and it’s good to see him out on the road again doing stand up. There’s also an interview with Van Doren that falls into the will-anyone-sit-through-this category. With a movie this bad, does an MST audience care about her memories?