MXGP3 is yet another highly anticipated racing game by the team over at Milestone S.r.l. in Italy.  However, does this latest motocross game fair well with a new graphics engine and additional features? Let’s find out.

The graphics in MXGP3 are rendered with the Unreal 4 engine and produce a visually appealing motocross game. The track environments are more detailed and give you a greater sense of immersion. The tracks look sharp and adjust based on the weather conditions. Dry races exhibit dust clouds that hinder visibility on the track. For those races on a wet track, you will notice mud ruts on the track and after a couple laps, your bike and rider will also be covered. To help distinguish yourself, you have tons of customization options in the game from adjusting the look of components on your bike to the color of helmet you use when racing. Additional track details have been added which help add to a sense of authenticity to MXGP3.

In career mode, you start as a rookie and have to earn your way up through the ranks by meeting your sponsor’s goals for you. This starts out fairly easy, but as you progress, the requirements become increasingly difficult. If you are new to motocross like I am, you’ll be glad to know that you can choose between three difficulty levels: standard, semi-pro and, pro. In addition to your skill level options, you can also adjust the AI from very easy to realistic to help you stay more competitive during your journey. MXGP3 includes over 60 licensed riders from the MXGP and MX2 classes along with the 18 official circuits from the 2016 season letting you perfect your form on real-world tracks.

If a virtual motocross career isn’t for you, you can enjoy the additional Championship, MXoN or Grand Prix modes. In Championship mode, you select the tracks and create your own season schedule to run. MXoN lets you represent your country in an international race. If you don’t have time for multiple races the Grand Prix mode lets you set up a quick race against 21 AI opponents. MXGP3 also gives you a time attack mode if you want to work on those tough tracks and improve your line. Multiplayer is included in the game, but the player base in my experience is almost non-existent. Hopefully, this improves the longer the game is out. Only time will tell. No matter what your skill level and interest is, MXGP3 has a game mode for you.

I’ve never been a huge motocross fan, but given all the customization options for both the look of my rider and my skill level, I found I enjoyed playing this game. Fans of motocross will appreciate the licensed riders and tracks available in the game. MXGP3 is available for $49.99 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



MXGP3 Review Score



  • Many game modes to choose from.
  • Slick weather effects during the race.
  • Enormous customization options for rider and bike.
  • Licensed circuits and riders.


  • Anemic multiplayer player base.
  • Noticed some screen freezing during races.
  • Not a significant graphics update from MXGP2 graphics.