Old enough to remember Robotron?  How about Geometry Wars?  Well imagine those two games had a space baby and out popped MUTANT STORM from Crescent Moon Games.  I recently purchased the ‘new iPad’ from Apple specifically to play games on it so it was a nice treat to have something as fun as Mutant Storm just released and ready to play.

We’ve seen games like Mutant Storm before on the iPad and other touch screen devices but something that really stood out to me was that I was piloting a space ship with flight and mostly fighting off evil forces who appeared to ‘walk’ in space.  This is what reminded me most of the classic arcade game Robotron.  Mutant Storm takes advantage of all the bells and whistles that the new iPad has to offer – it looks stunning and plays very smooth.  If you don’t believe what I have to say about the game then make sure to check out some gameplay from our very own video producer LeeRoy Holmes aka jojopetv!

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