Death is something to avoid in most games and yet that’s where Murdered Soul Suspect starts. A private detective working a difficult case is murdered by the suspect he was chasing. What follows is a game that feels like a big budget point and click adventure with minor stealth elements.

In the demonstration I saw the player had to gather clues, form a hypothesis, and then make a guess as to how an event unfolded. Guessing correctly rewarded the player with more of the story and a clue as to where to go next. Being a ghost meant that walking through walls was a breeze though the town’s doors were all blessed by a priest. Therefore the player had to manipulate an NPC into opening the door in order to get inside. There was some combat, but it was mainly sneaking behind demons in order to essentially stab them in the back.

New IP can be a mixed bag, but it looks as though Square Enix is taking a real gamble. What I was shown looked fantastic and fun, but that the game may be short in length. Only time will tell if Murdered Soul Suspect is a lively new game or if it’s dead on arrival.

Murdered Soul Suspect Trailer