Activate your invisible electromagnetic ray screens! Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 35 from Shout! Factory is available March 29, 2016. I’ll give this one a hearty recommendation, though this time around I can’t recommend the Roger Corman flick included. It’s terrible. The box set is lighter than usual on extras, with just one extra per disc, essentially.


All the extras are Ballyhoo. None of the cast or crew of MST3K are involved this time around. It’s a shame too, as with the impending new season upon us, some cast and crew extras would have been a great promotional tool.  You’ll just have to settle in for some classic flicks as we await the release of MST Volume 36.

MST3K Box set XXXV includes 12 To The Moon , Being From Another Planet, Deathstalker III and Teenage Caveman.

Full disc specs:

12 To The Moon
Episode 524 – Mike vs. Dr. Forrester
Preceded by short “Design For Dreaming”
Animated Disc Menu featuring the rocket launch
You Are There: Launching 12 To The Moon

Overall a pretty good effort. The film is the right amount of ‘what were they thinking?’ and it’s well riffed, but it doesn’t quite rise to great. The host segments featuring Nuveena – Woman of the Future (Bridget Jones), from the Design For Dreaming short preceding the movie, are great. The extra? Well it’s Ballyhoo, so…

Being From Another Planet
Episode 405 – Joel vs. Dr. Forrester
Animated Disc Menu featuring the mummy
Time Walker Original Version
Richard Band Remembers
Theatrical Trailer

Just the right mix of early 80s cheese. The riffs are fast and dead on target. A keeper. Also, strangely, has the…honor?…of being the first MST flick I’ve noticed with nudity in it. I assume the moment was unintentional or the crew figured it was so brief it wouldn’t be noticed. In 480p broadcast and VHS it likely wasn’t high enough quality to be visible back in the day, but DVD ‘solves’ that problem. The full length original version of the film, containing more nudity, is included should you really want to punish yourself. The other extras include a trailer and an interview with the musician who created the score.

Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell
Episode 703 – Mike vs. Dr. Forrester/Pearl
Animated Disc Menu featuring the Renaissance Faire
Medieval Boogaloo: The Legend Of Deathstalker III

A classic…from Hell. It’s a sad, little piece of cinema, but it’s just so well riffed. It’s funny from start to finish and the last 15 minutes in particular is all prime material. The only extra is another Ballyhoo doc – an interview with the film’s villain. It’s entertaining in a sad way, as he recalls his work on the film and admits, on camera, just how bad the film is. Haha! At least he says he had a good time shooting it.

Teenage Caveman
Episode 315 – Joel vs Dr. Forrester
Preceded by short “Aquatic Wizards”
Preceded by short “Catching Trouble”
Animated Disc Menu featuring Ross and the cavemen
I Was A Teenage Caveman

Terrible. Only the host segments are enjoyable. The first short is boring and the riffs are of lower than average quality. The second short is enough to get an animal lover’s blood boiling – watching some hick named Ross manhandling and trapping wild animals for his private zoo. Only the proceeding host segment gives it a slight bit of value. The Corman movie at the heart of the disc is unwatchable with, once again, only the host segments containing any comedic value. If you’re a Corman fan, the only disc extra is a short doc that includes a retrospective of this atrocity with some interview soundbites from him, the film’s lead actress and the requisite film historian. Easily the least worthwhile disc in the set.

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