mst3k-box-set-xxxivAlright! We’re up to box set 34, whose release just happens to coincide with the #BringBackMST3k event on Kickstarter! This Mystery Science Theater 3000 box set is a pretty good overall release. You’ve got some pretty solid flicks and the riffing is on point just about everywhere. You’ve got the requisite lack of any real extras not spread over any of the discs, but at least they brought Frank in for a couple intros. The only real extra is a 90 minute (gasp!) documentary on one some schlock-warehouse (AIP) that was responsible for most of the atrocious movies that Mystery Science Theater 3000 is known for riffing. It’s unwatchable, as always.

The big news, of course, is MST3K is BACK, baby! The Kickstarter (as of this writing) is over $3.3 million, meaning we’re in store for at least six new episodes of the series. I’m guessing the campaign will ultimately breach the $4.4M/9 episode mark, which is pretty badass. Is the full $5.5M/12 episodes possible? We’ll know in 10 days! For those of you going to the LA premiere, I’ll see you there!! HI-KEEBA!

Box set XXXIV includes The Saga of the Viking Women , The She-Creature, The Undead and War Of The Colossal Beast.

Full disc specs:

The Saga Of The Viking Women And Their Voyage To The Waters Of The Great Sea Serpent
Episode 317 – Joel vs. Dr. Forrester
Preceded by short “The Home Economics Story”
Animated Disc Menu featuring the poodle king
Introduction by Frank Conniff
It Was A Colossal Teenage Movie Machine: The American International Pictures Story

The short is pretty slow and unwatchable. There’s not a lot of riffing as there’s really not much going on. The short lasts a full 30 minutes, one third of the running time of the show. Not sure I saw this during its original run. Feels like this might officially be my first Roger Corman flick – and what a doozy. Do they get any better? Long stretches of people walking and walking and walking. The ending picks up and finally the episode hits its stride, but it’s 60 to 70 minutes of sleep-inducing boredom before it gets to the punchline. At least there’s waffles!

The She-Creature
Episode 808 – Mike vs. Pearl/The Observers
Animated Disc Menu featuring Tom Servo making out with the She-Creature!

Pretty good. The flick is a bit slow, but it’s pretty badly entertaining, especially in the second half. Mike destroys his first planet.

The Undead
Episode 806 – Mike vs. Pearl/The Observers
Animated Disc Menu featuring Satan!

Wow, two Corman flicks in one box set? I had to endure two days of this guy! Do all Corman movies revolve around goofy psychics sending people into their past lives? I see a trend here. The movie is overall pretty good. The riffing it top notch despite the absence of any real plot.

War Of The Colossal Beast
Episode 319 – Joel vs Dr. Forrester
Preceded by short “Mr. B Natural”
Animated Disc Menu featuring the Mr. B Natural
Introduction by Frank Conniff

A classic. The short is…bizarre is not a strong enough word for this train wreck. The movie is a classic. Lots of good riffing. The spastic color shift of the ending is a riot! Mike puts in a funny appearance as Glen.

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