mst3kvol1bWith the original Rhino Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD volumes long out of print, Shout! Factory has done every fan a service by picking up the rights with the intention of re-releasing them.

The MST3K Vol. 1 (Reissue) packaging is quite different from the recent Shout! releases. You won’t get a full size box set with the nifty bonus posters and lovingly-animated disc menus. What you have here is a standard DVD case with two double-disc holders. It’s actually quite nice to have such a space saver as the Shout! MST3K volumes do take up quite a bit of shelf real estate.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD extras are slim pickings. On the Rhino release of this box set, every disc included the full, uncut theatrical release of the movie parodied and most had a theatrical trailer. The Shout! set drops all the original films. The only real extras are on the Creeping Terror disc. Not sure if this is really a ding against the reissue. I would never have bothered with the original films or trailers. Does anyone? So it’s essentially an even exchange.


The main point here is these hard to fine episodes will be available again! And they’re coming out at a cheaper price than the recent Shout! volumes, so Hurrah!

The reissue of Rhino’s Vol. 1 box set includes Bloodlust, Catalina Caper, The Creeping Terror and The Skydivers.

Full disc specs:

Episode 607 – Mike Nelson vs. Dr. Forrester
Preceeded by short film “Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm”
Theatrical Trailer

Both the short and film were excellently handled. Great riffing! The best episode in the set.

Catalina Caper
Episode 204 – Joel Hodgson vs. Dr. Forrester
The Crown Jewels
Theatrical Trailer

In a word: excruciating. In a sentence: an un-watchable fluff piece centered around a “goofy” crime caper, loaded with extended sequences of bleached blond teenagers dancing to mostly generic music. Tom’s Creepy Girl song is excellent though.

The Creeping Terror
Episode 606 – Mike Nelson vs. Dr. Forrester
Extended Trailer for The Creep Behind The Camera
The Creeping Terror Trailer for Screamfest 2014
TCBTC Q&A from Screamfest 2014 Featuring Frank and Trace

I found this one difficult to sit through, but there are some good jokes and the movie is absurdly bad. Included are trailers for the original film, a trailer for a docu-drama about the life of the scumbag that produced this bomb (apparently he was quite the sociopath) and a Q&A from Screamfest 2014 with the cast and crew of the docu-drama. Frank hosts the proceedings, but Trace, who’s stuck at the far end of the panel doesn’t get a word in. Some fans may be interested in the bonus materials here and in seeking out the docu-drama; me, not so much.

The Skydivers
Episode 609 – Mike Nelson vs. Dr. Forrester
Animated Disc Menu: Just a quickie with Tom Servo
Theatrical Trailer

The film is a bit middling, but again some good zingers.

MST3K Vol. 1 can be purchased here: