MouseCraft is a clever puzzle game out now for Windows/Mac/Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita from indie developers Crunching Koalas.  The game harkens back to two timeless classic video games in Tetris and Lemmings and features 80 puzzles total which increase in difficulty as the game progresses.

The object of MouseCraft is to get your mice from point A to point B without them dying (by other robot mice or water) or getting stuck while also collecting gems along the way.  When a level starts you have plenty of time to strategize your approach to tackling the puzzle as things won’t begin until you free the mice from their cage.  The concept is simple – you are given a specific number of blocks and shapes for each level and it’s up to you to figure out where they go or how they can be used.  Collecting all the gems on a level can be quite tricky and will require a good deal of trial and error.

The look and feel of MouseCraft is charming enough and the puzzles are engaging if not challenging but the game lacked audio polish.  We would have loved to have seen (or heard) some clever sound effects to go along with the mice movement and the background cat  Schrödinger who is masterminding the puzzles.  Once you have completed all the puzzles you can start creating your own and share with friends – the level editor is pretty simple to use and is appealing to see something you create be transformed into a finished puzzle.

MouseCraft will run you $15 or possibly less during one of the launch sales – it will appeal to fans of casual puzzle games like those found on mobile game systems.  We put together some gameplay for you to see more – enjoy!

MouseCraft Website

MouseCraft Trailer

MouseCraft Gameplay