Every once in a while when flipping through the channels, I’ve seen motorcycle racers on a track and they always look like they are ready to fall off, but I’ve never known what racing series involved that type of action. Welcome to MotoGP! Milestone S.r.l. releases their latest MotoGP simulation with the release of MotoGP 17.

Jumping into MotoGP 17 you’ll find several game modes including Quick mode, Career Mode, Managerial mode and Multiplayer.  Quick mode lets you go in and start a race on any of the eighteen included tracks. In Career Mode, you develop your rider to unlock additional items for clothing and the bike. While I enjoyed unlocking items, I didn’t see much value in this mode for myself. I preferred the Managerial mode where I can manage multiple riders and can hire up to six riders to help manage them as they progress by picking sponsors. It’s exciting to watch your team develop and progress through the ranks.

Multiplayer mode was a let down for me. I tried joining the servers at various times and was always presented with very few races to join.  I didn’t want to have to create my own race and sit there hoping someone would join. Hopefully, something will be added to multiplayer to increase the number of players online.

MotoGP 17 review

Once on the track, the graphics for MotoGP 17 were good, but not outstanding. Various sponsors are easily identifiable on the bikes, but the bikes don’t have a next-gen look to them. It’s almost like they carried the graphic models over from previous generations of the game. Quite disappointing. Racing around the track, I noticed that some of the graphics seemed very flat such as the trees and some of the tire walls. I know the environment isn’t the focus during the race, but it became a little distracting to me.

The actual racing component also was good, but not outstanding. MotoGP 17 provides you a standard physics mode and a Pro mode. I chose the standard mode as I wanted the additional aids the standard mode provides me. If you are looking for a more simulation mode, use Pro mode which disables many of the rider aids.  Even with the aids turned on, I struggled around each track.  I’ll attribute that to my skill level rather than an issue with the game physics.

MotoGP 17 Review Final Thoughts:

Overall, MotoGP 17 is not a bad game, but it’s not one that I would use to demonstrate the graphics capabilities of your console or PC. You can pick up MotoGP 17 for $49.99 on the PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam stores, If you are a big MotoGP fan, then I suggest picking it up. Otherwise, I’d wait until it goes on sale before purchasing this game.

MotoGP 17 on PC


MotoGP 17 Review Score



  • Licensed riders and tracks.
  • Various difficulty levels.


  • Subpar graphics.
  • Lack of players in multiplayer.
  • Premium price.