A new Mortal Kombat video game was teased by developer Ed Boon leading up to E3 and we even got a teaser trailer only hours before the big event but those lucky enough to attend a behind closed door hands-off demo were really in for a special treat.  Mortal Kombat X looks about as juicy and next-gen feeling as possible with every kick and punch sounding and looking nastier then ever.

From the E3 demo we got to see some of the roaster including Scorpion and Sub Zero who are back again with new faces that are Cassie Cage (a relative of Johnny Cage), D’Vorah, Kotal Kahn and the Ferra/Torr combo (child on monster’s back).  We also got a look at how costume selection will play into the characters special abilities and attacks like Scorpion’s Hellfire garb and Sub Zero in his Cryomancer outfit.

We like that the screen shows what outfit and skin is being used easily on display – something that helps when watching tournament style play.  We also love seeing Sub Zero be able to through out his own frozen form at opponents as an attack.  The new character Ferra/Torr offers a handful of variation between using brunt and quirky combat – we had the chance to see a handful of their gameplay on display – one showed the smaller minion running around to pester your opposition.

Also in the ‘we are happy’ column – bloody Fatalities are back and gruesome X-ray attacks return as well.  So far the only question we have is more on the roaster and if Mortal Kombat X will include tag team combat again?  Oh and a release date — 2015 most likely?