We’ve been keeping tabs on all things Skylanders for the last two years and it was only until recently that multiple license deals were made with the franchise.  Thus far most Skylanders merchandise has been of high quality – you get the sense that Activision has their hands in all decision making.  Last week we showed off the Skylanders Monopoly game with a full detailed unboxing video — this week we’re back to exploring Skylanders Giants stickers from RoomMates Decor.

RoomMates Decor makes stickers and wall decals of all shapes and sizes and their quality and level of detail is quite remarkable.  For our second batch of Skylanders stickers we checked out the Crusher/Prism Break set and Tree Rex/Stealth Elf set.  We’re not sure if we have enough wall space for all these stickers but if you have a portal master son or daughter and are looking to decorate the room these stickers are a great start!


Skylanders Giants Stickers

Skylanders Monopoly