Gotham City Impostors is beginning to seem less like a game for people to buy and more like a digital investment. The upcoming, and as yet undated, Warner Bros. freebie will include a new map a new game type and some new character voice options.

Bounty Hunter is a team death match style game that has players dropping coins when killed. Opposing players pick up these coins for a temporary damage buff as well as points toward victory. Of course picking up teammates’ coins to deny the opposition is important too. The East End is a map that promises “bigger open areas and tighter hallways than you’ve ever experienced.” That’s what the Gotham City Impostors official website says anyway. With this DLC for the first time you’re imposter can speak French! Or German, Spanish… or even Italian. That’s right the new voice options bring some multilingual mayhem to the psychopaths of Gotham City Imposters.