Epic quests and boisterous battles are coming to the 3DS in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Though this is a port, new features like Streetpass bring some variation to the mix. The touch screen is fully customizable as you can either put in valuable sub-menus at your finger tips or use it for a new “dynamic mode” which takes the HUD away from the action. There’s also connectivity with the Nintendo Wii U version, rewarding gamers who decide to splurge for both.

Killing monsters has been a staple in the Monster Hunter franchise but never has it looked so magnificent. Everything in this game looks smooth, bright, and beautiful even as monsters try to eat you. You won’t have to worry about being a meal for long as you power up your character from novice hunter to a fearsome predator. Getting strong fast is important as the bosses are part of the game’s ecosystem, sometimes hampering your quest as they prowl for a quick snack. While this is frustrating, it also makes killing the foul beast that much more satisfying when the time comes.

The Monster Hunter series from Capcom has always been about long epic quests which the 3DS wasn’t built for. Hand cramps and low batteries will be just as fierce as any dragon you face. The camera is also a common foe, allowing enemies to get to a blind spot with ease. There is a lock-on system but it only works on boss creatures rather than the scavenger waiting to pick your corpse behind you.

Hunting monsters is not for the faint of heart and MH3U is no exception. This game requires a steep investment of both time and energy, but those who take the plunge will find themselves immersed in no time.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS Trailer

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Trailer