This week we got to check out some upcoming games from EA PLAY including Monopoly Streets and MySims SkyHeroes.  SkyHeroes is an action aerial combat game in which players can customize everything about their planes and flyers.  MySims has colorful characters, including some familiar faces from EA franchises, features up to 10 multiplayer online (Xbox 360) and 12 stages to pick from.  The developers approached this game as a tween game for kids looking for something more challenging and parents looking to spend some quality time with them.

As colorful and fun as SkyHeroes looks – the game that attracted our attention most was Monopoly Streets.  Streets helps celebrate the franchise’s 75th Anniversary with a brand new and bold take on the game.  The developers at EA Play removed the traditional ‘board’ from the game and instead dropped the players into a 3D environment that mimics the familiar real estate we’ve come to love over the years.  Players pick their pieces (or use their Mii or Xbox Avatars), roll the dice and watch as their icons move through the city.  Whether you are a seasoned Monopoly pro or new to the game – you will feel comfortable with where everything is and what your goals and objectives are — which is always — get all the money and laugh as your friends declare bankruptcy.

The graphics in Monopoly Streets are very ‘nex-gen’ and change as the game progresses.  If you improve upon your property then graphics also upgrade.  There is a full spectrum of gender/age characters for the whole family – just like Hasbro would have wanted.  EA Play has incorporated original game rules, modified rules or an option to make your own rules – like what happens when you land on ‘free parking’.  Download content is available, meaning the possibility of licensed themed Monopoly landscapes like The Simpsons or Star Wars, but the developers wouldn’t confirm any of their future plans.

MySims SkyHeroes is available Sept. 28 2010 while Monopoly Streets ships Oct. 26 2010 – both are available on multiple platforms.