Mirror’s Edge (2008) was a fun and original game that used parkour and combat in ways gamers hadn’t seen before.  Many years later the same development team EA DICE is back again with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst which drops on June 7, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst stays true to the series with the same visual style and parkour as well as same leading lady in Faith.  The controls and ‘feel’ of the game remain mostly intact with the biggest noticeable difference is the ‘open world’ aspect the game.  In the previous Mirror’s Edge game Faith jumped from mission to mission with a linear progression but in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst she can now use the map and decide which challenges to take on and in what order.

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta ran smooth and looked fantastic on the PlayStation 4 – we’re not sure what kind of ‘last minute’ tweaks they are making to the game but if we had a suggestion it would be the ability to remap the buttons or adjust the controls.  The beta allows you to use ‘default’ or an ‘alternative’ control scheme however both feel strange a problem we’re still facing on current generation games.