Might & Magic Heroes VII is out now in three different versions – the Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition and the Collector’s Edition.  Each version of Might & Magic Heroes VII features a turn based strategy game based in the world of world of Ashan.

We’ll have a full review of the game up soon but for starters here’s a quick look at the Collector’s Edition which includes: an exclusive hero, a scenario map, the full digital soundtrack and Heroes III – HD Edition, 2 lithographs, customized tarot game, artbook, and figurine.

For those interested in purchasing the Might & Magic Heroes VII Collector’s Edition or the other versions check out the Ubisoft uPlay shop here: http://shop.ubi.com/store?Action=pd&Env=BASE&Locale=en_US&SiteID=ubina&ThemeID=8605600&productID=316986400