The Microsoft Press Conference started off with a bang in Konami‘s new trailer and gameplay for Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.  It was the first time we got to see the open world gameplay in a desert setting with many characters filling in the ranks — also Snake rides a horse!  Unfortunately we didn’t get to hear much of Kiefer Sutherland‘s voice as Snake during this gameplay demo.

Microsoft announce d that World of Tanks the popular free to play tank MMO would be coming to the Xbox 360 and the devs took the stage to claim that it was a ‘perfect match’ for them to port over this freemium game.  Next up was Press Press Studios who showcased ‘Max The Cursed Brotherhood‘ a new side scroller that looks fun in the style of Rayman Legends.

We got to see some Dark Souls 2 gameplay in a sword slashing and bashing montage which didn’t do much in the way to impress visually.  The first round of video games were all meant for the Xbox 360.  The second half of the show was all for upcoming Xbox One games kicking off with ‘Rise Son of Rome‘ a third person sword and slasher action game sort of like Assassin’s Creed meets Sparta from the developers at Crytek.  In Rise Son of Rome you play as a Roman General and command armies and fight in the thick of battle.

Killer Instinct was announced/revealed to a roaring applause.  The short teaser was just enough to showcase some familiar characters and build early hype.  Next up – Ted Price (Insomniac) took the stage to show off his new game ‘Sunset Overdrive‘ which looks like an open world platformer featuring over-the-top action/gameplay.

Forza 5 took center stage with a teaser trailer and developers talking about how the next generation of gaming will allow for new innovation using the ‘cloud’ and ‘ai’.  At the heart of Forza 5’s hype was the phrase ‘Driveatar’ which is sort of like an out of body experience with your car in which your car and style of racing matches your human behavior – it’s still a bit confusing but sounds interesting.

Short teasers for Crimson Dragon, Minecraft on the Xbox One and D4 were spotted and a follow-up to Quantum Break helped explain more about how the upcoming TV show and video game will ‘blur the lines’ between these two mediums.

Later, Dave McCarthy introduced ‘Project Spark‘ a new IP in which you use Kinect voice commands and a second screen (smart glass) to great video game levels in order to ‘play, build and share’.  Project Spark looks like Microsoft’s answer to the upcoming Disney Infinity’s Toy Box mode.

Deadrising 3 was announced with a new hero in Nick Ramos and supposed to be an Xbox One exclusive.  Deadrising 3 had a more serious tone then the last game and included plenty of zombie bashing and fighting.  Once again you’ll be able to tweak weapons to form new combos to fight with but the biggest news was when the developers said the game was open world and didn’t have loading screens — rejoice!

The rest of the show featured the biggest titles that were loud, proud and in your face – kicking off with The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gameplay trailer promising tons of RPG action fun.  Then came Battlefield 4 which had sound and visuals that were top notch and included ‘dynamic gameplay’ — we saw the environment changing over the course of a firefight.

Probably the biggest teaser/reveal was the new HALO game coming from 343 Studios.  The teaser showed Master Chief in a desert encountering a large space robot thingy.  The dev team behind the new Halo game for the Xbox One said that it would utilize cloud gaming and have dedicated servers running 60 FPS.

And FINALLY the night closed out with an in-depth look at Titanfall which had info about the game leak earlier in the week.  Titanfall looks like a strong first-person-shooter with mechs/robots (called Titans) as part of the gameplay action.  What we saw showed a military soldier getting in and out of a mech with ease and fighting combat that was very high impact.  The timing for Titanfall is perfect as the game looks to be a Call of Duty meets Iron Man coming out just in time to live off of some hype from the movie Pacific Rim.

The Xbox One will arrive November 2013 for $4.99 in the U.S.