The Metro series has been one that most people have still yet to discover and enjoy, even though the games themselves are well-crafted, fantastic, narrative experiences with some fun gameplay to be had within. With this being the case, 4A Games and Deep Silver deciding to release a remastered pack containing Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light for the new generation of consoles (and PC) is a great way for those that have always been curious of the series to jump head-first into the cold, damp tunnels of the Russian metro. 4A Games is doing gamers everywhere a great service in not simply porting the old games to a new generation, but overhauling them from the ground up, and this makes Metro Redux and it’s $50 price point all that much more appetizing.

In a year full of re-releases and remasters for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, consumers have a lot to choose from in figuring out which re-release they want to dig into. Luckily for them, Metro Redux is 100% remastered from the ground up, comes in at $10 less than most of the re-releases (aside from The Last of Us), and is likely a package containing two games a lot of people skipped over the first time. Metro 2033 flew under the radar heavily, and while Last Light got a bit more promotion and marketing, a lot of people likely waited on it as well. Being able to nab both games for $50 total (or $25 each, digitally) is a steal for all of the work 4A did to remaster and update both games.

Metro 2033 is where you’ll see the biggest difference between the original product and now. The game has been entirely remastered in the new 4A Games engine. Bugs have been squashed, textures and graphics updated, and full sections of the game have been altered for the better. 4A went so far as to update the overall shooting mechanics to match Last Light’s better-feeling gunplay and added Last Light’s basic stealth mechanics to the game for those who enjoy that gameplay. Entire sections of the game have also been updated to remove loading times and make the transitions between levels/scenes much more seamless. Playing the original 2033 release and the one contained in Metro Redux is quite jaw-dropping, given all that’s been updated and fixed. If you initially passed on Metro 2033, or didn’t like how the game played you may very much want to go back and give it another try, it’s an entirely new and better experience.

Metro Last Light is not all that old, but also received a bunch of updates. Things like lighting and textures were bolstered, the framerate and resolution were increased (both games now play at 1080p and 60fps on PS4, 900p/60fps on Xbox One), and the loading times were significantly decreased. If you played the original release of Last Light you won’t see a ton of difference in the gameplay department, but you do owe it to yourself to play the game again just to see how much better it now looks and runs in the Redux pack. All the DLC has also been included, so if you skipped out on that now is the chance to get back to it.

Overall Metro Redux is one of the best values you can get in this new generation of gaming. It contains two games that were fantastic long before being updated, but now that they have, 2033 and Last Light shine even more. Both have had graphics updated, framerate bumped, resolutions increased, and loading times decreased, and 2033 has been overhauled completely with brand new gameplay systems. If you never got into the Metro games in the past and were curious, or even if you’ve played both and are looking for something to play on your new console or PC, now is the time to jump in. Metro 2033 and Last Light have never looked (and played) so good, so go grab Redux and enter the Metro.

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