Today marks the launch of the new single player DLC for the fantastic Metro Last Light that released a few months back. The Faction Pack DLC is $5 (or free for season pass owners) and is the first of four DLC packs planned for the game. The content focuses on three distinct missions that put you in three different roles. Overall it’s not the best DLC on the planet, but it does have its moments, especially in the second of the three missions.

The first mission you play is centered around playing as a Reich heavy unit as you attempt to hold the line against pressing enemy forces. This was my least favorite of the missions mostly because it takes place in about 10 square feet of area. You get three weapons and have to hold your area against basic enemies, snipers, and a tank. Once the tank is defeated the mission ends. All-in-all it took me about 8 minutes, and that’s with the sniper glitching out and not letting me fire. It was a disappointing start, fortunately it got better in the final two missions.

Mission two was the most fun. In the mission you are introduced to a few characters and a home base location. The point of the mission is to go out into the world and onto the surface to look for collectible parts like keyboards, toys, books, and more. Once you find a handful of objects you return to the base and turn them in for money (bullets) which allows you to buy better equipment to stay out in the world longer and find more items. There is an achievement for getting 30 items overall and it’s a lot of fun trying to find them. The end goal is to get into an abandoned library, but it takes some heavy equipment to get to it.

The third and final mission sets you as a sniper from the Red Line as you attempt to infiltrate a base. The mission gives you more of the stealth side of the game and pits you against other humans as opposed to monsters. These type of missions were my favorite parts in the main campaign, so it’s great to see that they remain fun in the DLC.

Overall the first Metro: Last Light DLC pack was solid. I ran into a lot of bugs which was disappointing overall especially after the polish the main game shows, but other than that the only mission that disappointed me was mission one. If the final three packs follow missions two and three I think the season pass will prove well worth the cost of admission.

Metro Last Light Faction Pack DLC Trailer