Mass Effect 3 DLC continues in the form of ‘Omega‘ for the single-player campaign add-on.  Last time we dusted off Commander Shepard was in the Leviathan DLC which took us to mysterious watery depths with about 3-4 hours of gameplay fun.  This time around BioWare offers up Omega as an expansion DLC with a little more gameplay (about 5-6 hours) and a whole lot more action!

The Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC is pretty much one big battle as you descend further and further down into the space station ‘Omega’ with familiar faces like Aria T’Loak who needs Shepard’s help to reclaim the station.  It was interesting to have Aria running side-by-side during the entire mission, considering she was always a character to encounter and ‘chat’ with during the previous game.

Something I am always clamoring for on DLC packs of this nature is for them to feature ‘new enemies’ and ‘new allies’ — something the ME3 Omega DLC offers up nicely!  In addition to having Aria along for the ride we also get to fight alongside Nyreen Kandros — I play as FemShep so my power-trio of female warriors was at full strength during the Omega DLC.  New villains called The Adjutant usher in the climax of the mission and are a nice addition to the bestiaries but it was the Rampart Mechs that really made this DLC feel fresh and exciting.  As baddies – the Rampart Mechs are cunning and aggressive and when you kill them be careful not to step over them or else you’ll get a little jolt to your shield.

The Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC is available now for 1200 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.  Be sure to check out my gameplay for a sample of the action and new characters unfolding with commentary and everything!

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