Out of all The Avengers, Thor is the one with the biggest separation between his comic and movie versions. With that in mind, this particular comic is probably more important than the other Marvel’s Avengers prequel comics since it has to show a character that neither movie-goers nor comic fans will immediately recognize. This version of Thor is probably closest to the one we got around the time of the first Avengers movie, although exponentially more arrogant and disdainful of his human teammates. It’s a sharp turn if you’re expecting a lighthearted Thor-like in Thor: Ragnarok, or a more regal, commanding Thor-like in his recent comics.

The tension between Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man is palpable in this issue, and that makes this issue closer to a “must-read” than the prior Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man one-shot. Not only do we see an Avengers team on the verge of cracking, but one that is earning the distrust of the average citizen. Add on to that the aforementioned distance between this version of Thor and one you may be familiar with, and it adds up to a meatier comic. That still doesn’t make it a book that everyone should rush out to get right away, but if you want are curious about what to expect from the game’s narrative this seems like the one to check out.