Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a unique collaboration between Ubisoft and Nintendo that features Mario, Luigi, Peach and Rabbid versions of these characters as well for the Nintendo Switch. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a turn-based tactical strategy game where players scope out the field of battle and move their characters around jockeying for the best position to fire upon and vanquish enemies. It may take a while to get used to the idea of Mario holding a gun and shooting at villains but overall Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an enjoyable experience.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle features some exploration and puzzles in addition to the turn-based combat to help break things up and flesh out a story which explains this strange and bizarre mash-up of franchises. As you progress through the game you can unlock additional weapons and abilities and there is RPG elements as well in the leveling up system that will use points you pick up along the way. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle features numerous worlds to play through and as you beat levels you will unlock more hero characters to join your combat squad.

The graphics for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are fun and cartoony as one would expect from the pairing of these two franchises. We played mostly on TV mode and enjoyed the pretty images however the frame rate slows down quite often during battle – especially when characters enabled their shields or other special abilities. The audio is what you would expect from a Nintendo exclusive game – the characters make sounds and gestures but don’t speak so get ready to read all of the dialogue on screen – thankfully the word bubbles and fonts are clear and concise.

Mario + Rabbids Kindom Battle Review Final Thoughts:

Mario + Rabbids Kindom Battle is a super fun and satisfying game and it was interesting to see a cartoon version of the Xcom series brought to life on the Nintendo Switch. The game would have received higher marks from us if it had an online multiplayer versus mode but it only has a local co-op mode. Another big gripe with the game is being forced to always have Mario in your party which limits your choices of how you want to group together your squad – this is especially noticeable when you play continuous levels that don’t refresh your health.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Nintendo Switch


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review Score



  • Fun and addicting gameplay.
  • Many tactical options.
  • Exploring the worlds and mini puzzles are clever.


  • Frame rate slows down often.
  • Forced to use Mario for every match.
  • No online multiplayer.
  • Luck outweighs strategy quite often.