A new Mad Max video game was announced at the PlayStation 3 press conference at E3 from Avalanche studios the team behind Just Cause.  On the E3 show floor we had a chance to view a hands-off presentation behind closed doors.

Mad Max offers a wasteland open world — think Rage or Borderlands with a heavy emphasis on vehicle combat and exploration.  The developers stressed the importance of vehicles in the game saying there were over 50 to pick offering many customization options through un-lockables and/or exploring the land.  From the build we saw the graphics and atmosphere looked great but nothing leaped off the screen as ‘next gen’.  In addition to car combat/fighting there is also hand-to-hand combat and plenty of guns and weapons to explore — we were treated to some bullet time action in the style of Sniper Elite V2.

Mad Max has a slated release of 2014 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.