In 2080 the robots have infiltrated and attacked, driving humanity to the brink of extinction. Third person squad based shooter ‘Binary Domain‘ offers you the chance to step into a leadership role and do something about it. Developer Yakuza Studio and publisher Sega are touting ‘Binary Domain‘ as something deeper than the usual squad shooter with it’s “consequence system” setting it apart.

With the consequence system the player’s choices affect not only outcomes within the game but squad interaction. Creating and breaking trust at the squad level can create unique situations on the battlefield. Your nearest squad-mate doesn’t trust you, don’t count on that cover fire you need; Built a strong relationship with one of your allies, watch as they run through a hail of enemy bullets to rescue you in your time of need.

With its ‘Vanquish-like’ feel and if this consequence system is half as awesome as it sounds, ‘Binary Domain’ could be one to watch out for. Look for it February 28th, 2012 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.