HUDSON generally plays it safe when it comes to publishing games.  They have a complete catalog of titles that are sequels or remakes and each game has seen its fair share of success.  COIN-OP TV has been tracking some of their recent games and even did interviews with their team for The Calling, Rooms and Boink in December 2009.  One of the Hudson games that has always stood out for us will finally make its way to stores this week called LOST IN SHADOW.

Lost in Shadow defies much of the video gaming logic out there (if such a thing can be said).  The main character is trapped in a ‘shadow’ form and can only transverse the landscape in areas that are also in the ‘shadow world’.  There are puzzles and platformer elements to the game which has a rich and colorful landscape.  Our demo of the game was very brief but from what we’ve seen thus far it looks like a nice addition to a limited Nintendo Wii library.  So far the only thing we’ve been scratching our heads about is what took this game so long to finally come out?