Residents of Los Angeles are quite spoiled with comic conventions throughout the year with Comikaze, Wondercon and the Long Beach Comic Con.  Out of those three the Long Beach Comic Con has the longest history to it and has featured a variety of celebrity talent and guests over the years.  Nothing can quite top the level of excitement and attendees as the ‘big one’ – San Diego Comic-Con International but these smaller shows pose a charm unto themselves.

For this year’s Long Beach Comic Con things seemed a bit more ‘exciting’ — we couldn’t quite put our finger on it but the convention floor itself felt ‘looser’ with more artist alley and specialized venders this time around.  We were captivated by the collection of novelty cars outside the event – showcasing authentic looking Knight Rider, Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters cars.  Access to guests and artist is easier then most shows because the crowds aren’t in such uniform droves.  Cosplay at the Long Beach Comic Con is a great addition because there is plenty of room just outside the convention doors for people to hang around posing for pictures and mingling with like-minded fans.

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