Finally another ‘Guitar Hero’ game! It’s been almost twelve minutes since the last release. Oh, that’s not Johnny Napalm there at the start of the trailer? Well then it must be Zed “the punk rockin’ misfit” one of the Bosses of Zombie Rock!

With a June 2012 release WB is ramping up the Lollipop Chainsaw hype machine, delivering trailer after trailer. Here we are introduced to four of the Bosses of Zombie Rock; Zed, Vikke (the king of Viking metal), Jossey, and Mariska (the queen of psychedelia). More importantly than the personae we’ll be fighting we get a glimpse at the arena style zombie rock boss battles. Too bad those clips of the boss battles are so short because if all these years of gaming have taught anything it’s that arena style boss fights are all about repeating patterns, and it would have been nice to memorize those patterns before the game’s release.

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