Life is Strange Before the Storm is a prequel to the popular serialized video game developed by Deck Nine and published by Square Enix. Life is Strange Before the Storm will roll out in 3 parts beginning in August 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will once again feature protagonist Chloe Price.

We had a chance to play Life is Strange Before the Storm during our visit to San Diego Comic-Con 2017. We played a section of the video game that took place inside of a bar with a punk band named ‘Firewalk’ on stage performing and a ‘mosh pit’ for the crowd. Like the previous video game – Chloe interacts with the environment by inspecting an object, taking objects or using objects. She can also chat with people she encounters through a dialogue wheel which will have different outcomes depending on the responses you give. The section of the game we played introduced us to some thugs who came at Chloe with a bottle and we had the chance to decide if we wanted to run or fight.

Life is Strange Before the Storm Preview Hands-On Impressions:

We’re betting that the story and character development will be what stands out for Life is Strange Before the Storm as the graphics are nothing to write home about. Character animation is very ‘floaty’ and unnatural and most people you talk to have ‘dead-eyes’ and appear to stare off into space. On a positive side, the voice acting felt natural and genuine and didn’t interfere with the gameplay experience. What may draw you in as a gamer is wondering what consequences the actions you take will have further down the road much like the serialized games from Telltale. If you haven’t seen our Life is Strange Before the Storm E3 Expo 2017 preview – you can check it out here: