Lego Worlds is a 3D open-world sandbox adventure game with plenty of things to break, interact with, discover and eventually build. Lego Worlds can be compared to Minecraft and Disney Infinity for its building aspects but doesn’t quite reach the ‘fun factor’ of either of those video games.

Lego Worlds offers plenty of freedom in creating your character and customization – you can be either a male or female character. You are a mysterious astronaut exploring various planets to recover gold bricks which come as a result of beating simple quests given to you by the inhabitants you meet. Some quests can be very simple like collecting chickens and cows to return to the farm and others more complex like building a bridge or exploring a cave. The planets you explore in Lego Worlds are 3D procedurally generated and each have their own theme like volcanic, western, candy, farm and so on.

Lego Worlds allows for two player co-op locally or with a friend online. Most of the time spent playing the game revolves around discovering new objects to build in your own world once you collect enough gold bricks. Lego Worlds feels very much like walking inside of a Lego Store and being surrounded by many different archetypes like cowboys, cavemen, construction workers and more.

Final Thoughts On Lego Worlds:

Lego Worlds isn’t a very expensive game at the suggestion retail price of $29.99 and very much feels like a video game made on a discount. There is fun to be had playing Lego Worlds however at the core it is missing key fundamental aspects that would help enhance the gameplay experience. Our biggest complaint was not having a ‘quest log‘ – something every open world video game should have. Reading the map in Lego Worlds was difficult as well and even simple things like finding a way back to our ship became a challenge. Finally, Lego Worlds draws in the landscape as you explore and it is extremely slow – sometimes we found ourselves walking faster than the road ahead of us – forcing us to stop and wait for the graphics to fill in.

Lego Worlds on PS4


Lego Worlds Review Score



  • Nice integration of many Lego characters
  • Low priced game
  • Two ways to play Explore or Build


  • Camera is atrocious and can be your biggest enemy
  • Draw-in graphics while you play too slow
  • No quest log
  • Difficult to understand the map