If you’ve been playing Traveller’s Tales’ LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 since last November 2017, then you already know that this action-adventure game is loaded with heroes, villains, and the unmistakable charm that the series is known for. The latest piece of DLC available through the game’s season pass, Running the Gauntlet, sees players taking the role of Thanos and the Black Order as they face off against The Inhumans. Don’t worry if you’ve not had an opportunity to see Avengers: Infinity War in theaters just yet, as this DLC contains no spoilers for the film.

The star of this DLC Running the Gauntlet is undoubtedly Thanos, the leader of the Black Order and the main villain in Avengers Infinity War. As the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet in-game, Thanos has the ability to turn back time, fire energy beams, teleport, fly, and use telekinesis to build LEGO models like a true Master Builder. The other members of the Black Order can do some serious damage while stomping around the short level with their weapons and stealth capabilities, but the real draw of this DLC is playing as the Mad Titan. When it comes to Running the Gauntlet, it’s good to be bad.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Avengers Infinity War DLC Review Final Thoughts:

Though the content in Running the Gauntlet is considerably short, running around as Thanos and the Black Order is worth the price of admission. The character models are lively, colorful, and true to their real-life LEGO counterparts, down to the fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet which can effortlessly tear through city blocks in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2’s open world map. For collectors and completionists, this DLC is a must-have.

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