Most ‘toys to life’ video games in the past have released an annual video game starter pack like Skylanders and Disney Infinity but Lego Dimensions has taken a different approach and will be celebrating their second year of production by releasing additional waves that add to the original game and build upon the lore.

The following Lego Dimensions Story Packs, Level Packs, Team Packs and Fun Packs will release as part of their Wave 6 (Year Two) collection on September 27, 2016.  Lego Dimensions Wave 6 figures can be distinguished by their gold/yellow bases which also unlock four-player local co-op modes.

  • Ghostbusters Story Pack $49.99 includes Abby Yates minifigure and Ecto 1 vehicle.  Lego Dimensions Story Packs include 6 action packed levels of gameplay.
  • Adventure Time Level Pack $29.99 includes Finn and an original mission to find Enchidrion and prove to Princess Bubblegum that he’s a hero.
  • Adventure Time Team Pack $24.99 includes Lumpy Space Princess and Jake the Dog.
  • Harry Potter Team Pack $24.99 includes Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort and will unlock the Harry Potter Adventure World and Battle Arena.
  • Mission Impossible Level Pack $29.99 includes Ethan Hunt and adapts the story from the first Mission Impossible movie.
  • A-Team Fun Pack $11.99 includes minifigure B.A. Baracus who also unlocks the entire A-Team cast of characters and comes with the trademark A-Team van which was part of the show.
  • Lego Dimensions PlayStation 4 Starter Pack with Supergirl is a re-issue of the original Lego Dimensions Starter Pack but this time around includes Supergirl (who is playable on all platforms).  Supergirl will be released in 2017 as a non-exclusive to this bundle figure.

Thanks to Dan from Bricks To Life for joining us on today’s show to help break things down – check out his related article here: