TT Games continues to be busy releasing LEGO games. We’ve seen LEGO Worlds release for consoles recently and TT Games is back again with an updated version of the well-respected 2013 Nintendo WiiU title LEGO City Undercover. The same great original storyline is back but now provides better graphics and local co-op and is available on multiple consoles. You play as Chase McClain and your goal is to take down the infamous villain Rex Fury.  The dialog in each level is entertaining and provides many great references to pop culture movies and TV.

As expected, there are a ton of collectibles including vehicles and disguises. One new item is the addition of bricks used to create Super builds such as Call-in Points and Stunt ramps. Each build requires a specific amount of bricks, which means you may need to destroy more items to reach the required number. For the completionist, this should not be too difficult. The downside to a large number of collectibles that I experienced is a brief sense of sadness when you complete a level but realize you have only achieved 30% of the collectibles available in that level.

The general gameplay in LEGO City Undercover was good but there were a few issues I noticed. The first is long load times between scenes. I understand you may need to load textures, but the graphics to me should not have required the time it took to load the scene. Another issue with graphics was the draw distance. The draw distance in the game would be acceptable on the old WiiU but given this is a next-gen port, I expected to see better draw distances…pun intended!

Final Thoughts on LEGO City Undercover Review:

Knowing this is a LEGO game, I have a certain set of expectations for the game. LEGO City Undercover met and in certain areas exceeded those expectations. Despite minor graphics annoyances, I had a great time playing this and would recommend it for any fan of LEGO games. LEGO City Undercover is available for $59.99 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, while the PC release on Steam costs only $39.99.

LEGO City Undercover on PS4


LEGO City Undercover review score



  • Original Story
  • Large Open World
  • Great cultural references
  • Tons of collectible items


  • Long loading times
  • Gameplay may not be difficult enough for seasoned players