If you follow me anywhere on social media sites then you’ll see that I haven’t been able to stop talking about how much I enjoy playing Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning.  Amalur has much going for it, great fantasy, excellent combat, well crafted magic and now two DLC expansion packs.  Last time around, I discussed in great detail the DLC for Legend of Dead Kel which featured pirates, a mysterious island full of despair and root golems.

I’ve had a chance to sink my teeth into the second DLC called Teeth of Naros this past week and a half and enjoyed mostly every minute of it as well.  Most comments thus far on our YouTube channel have asked ‘which is better’ so I’ll try my best to succinctly address this in blog-fashion.

Dead Kel felt like an extension of the Amalur world – populated by humans and creatures trapped there by mysterious forces.  You’ll face most of the same types of monsters in battle and there’s only a handful of new NPC figures that were memorable.  As a magic user the best thing to come out of the Dead Kel DLC was getting an almost full set of amor called ‘Children of Erathell‘ which gave my character a faceless mask and was VERY powerful (it requires 38 Sorcery).

The Teeth of Naros universe felt fresh and new.  I was introduced to a new race of beings called the Kollossae which looked like giant statues.  Their method of combat was also distinct in that they were the first beasts I encountered that rolled out of the way from my attacks.  A Kollassae named Secandra joined me for most of the main quest and towered over by me and my Faer Gorta (conjured creature).  Secandra gave me a handful of magical weapons which were unique to the Teeth of Naros world but weren’t amazing enough to make me ditch my favorite Sceptre and Staff.

We’ve made enough videos of both the Dead Kel DLC and Teeth of Naros DLC gameplay to help you draw your own conclusions on which is better but ultimately Naros felt a bit more ‘new’ with its landscape and the floating city of Idylla.  Kingdoms of Amalur is a strong enough game to warrant a couple of DLC packages this early on – we expect a third to come down the wire later on in the year as a reminder too everyone compiling their ‘best of’ lists for top gaming mention.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Teeth of Naros DLC will run you 800 Microsoft Points and/or $9.99 on Origin, Steam and PSN.  Be sure to check out our gameplay videos walking through the main story played by Robert Welkner on the Xbox 360.

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