Reviewing DLC for a game as large as Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning can be tricky business because the game itself is already huge and full of enough challenges and quests to keep the average gamer busy for weeks.  Reckoning’s first DLC was released last week called The Legend of Dead Kel and we had a chance to play through the main mission (and provide gameplay as well!).

The story at a glance — Dead Kel is a part human, part pirate villain who survived death and now controls Gallows End along with his ‘Hanged Men’ haunting the seas.  If his story is somehow reference in the main lore that is Amalur then we never came across it – so this is all new territory to explore.  The entire Dead Kel campaign takes place on its own island off the coast of Rathir where you’ll travel with a new companion called Captain Brattigan.  The island has plenty of new people to talk to and receive quests from and there are plenty of books here to read if you are going for that achievement — we found lots of powerful hammers and items for fighter class players.  Most of the characters on the island were left stranded and have depressing stories of being captured – nothing terribly memorable.

You’ll meet Dead Kel a few times and have to face a handful of his henchmen before the final battle on the main quest.  Most of the side missions we encountered were collecting things and killing off groups of monsters lurking about.  For those of us tired of facing the same old baddies like Boggarts, Faer Gortas, Brownies, Crabs, Rats and Wolves then you’ll be disappointed to know that they’re all back again on Gallows End.  Outside of the ‘boss battles’ the only other new monster we faced was a ‘Root Golem‘ who tossed around live Boggarts and was pretty powerful.

Our favorite new companion character was Nina Malloi who was clever with a bow and always warned us of danger.  Some of the others like Quay and Aldar Malloi appeared to have a bit too much island fever and were forgettable.  The Legend of Dead Kel DLC expansion will definitely be enjoyed by people looking for more from Amalur – even with the world already being so vast!  There’s also the allure of pirates and an understated sense of ‘The Goonies’ adventuring that involves tattered treasure maps and a large pirate ship hidden at the bottom of a cave.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning The Legend of Dead Kel DLC will run you 800 Microsoft Points and/or $9.99 on Origin, Steam and PSN.  Be sure to check out our gameplay videos walking through the main story played by Robert Welkner on the Xbox 360.

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