Nexon America’s popular MMO racing game gives racers Tricks and Treats for upcoming holiday

kartrider.jpgLos Angeles, CA – October 23, 2007Nexon America Inc., the U.S. division of Asia’s leading online game company Nexon Group, is serving up a special batch of Halloween treats for KartRider players. KartRider, the free-to-download, free-to-play online multiplayer racing game, has already surpassed enormous open beta expectations. Now it sends its “riders” off to the races with special Halloween-themed events and releases. The combination of thrilling competition and Halloween spirit promises to be a potent mix for all gamers. More information can be found at or

KartRider plans to release a spooky new area, Creepy Hollow, showcasing two new themed tracks, ‘Fright Fight’ and ‘Hidden Monastery.’ Creepy Hollow’s new courses feature winding trails through eerie forests, twisting cliff roads, long dark corridors, and even a ghostly cemetery. These new additions will be welcomed by racers who have already exhausted the numerous available tracks through sheer KartRider addiction.

Keeping up with the Halloween theme, Nexon also plans to release its specially designed Pumpkin Racer E2 Kart in conjunction with the release of Creepy Hollow. As the first kart being released in the E2 series, the Pumpkin Racer E2 will have the distinction of being the highest level kart currently available. The kart’s quirky appearance complements the game’s cartoon theme and is one of the more powerful karts offered. The popularity of the holiday and enthusiasm of users assures Pumpkin Racer E2 karts will invade KartRider courses in high volumes.

KartRider also expands its quest options with the addition of a Halloween quest assigned by one of the more popular non-player characters in the game. ‘The Pumpkin Chase’ is a thrill-a-minute scavenger hunt in which users race to collect Jack o’ Lanterns scattered around various courses. Users able to collect enough pumpkins within a certain time frame will have earned themselves a special reward at quest’s end. Let’s just say that KartRider is literally giving its users a chance to be a pumpkinhead!

KartRider fans can check on for more news and weekly updates regarding the game. Nexon plans a pedal to the metal onslaught of promotions, contests, and events in coordination with KartRider’s launch schedule to “drive” this title to success!