Do you brag about a knowledge of wildlife to your friends?  Then ‘Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life‘ is the game for you!  Nat Geo Challenge from D3 Publisher of America features over 5,000 trivia questions about geography, animals and other fun things geared for the National Geographic subscriber in you.  We had a chance to play through the PlayStation 3 version and came away with these impressions.

On the positive side – the game looks neat and there is a plethora of trivia questions to challenge you.  On the negative side – reading questions is no fun and can take away from the experience.  The narrator and voice acting in the game was done by a ‘snooty’ English chap and provides some stimulus along the way but we would have preferred him reading the questions to us as well.

A surprisingly fun factor of the game is the mini-puzzles like the ‘jigsaw puzzle’ in which you can play with a friend and solve an old-fashion 2D puzzle that animates as you get closer to completion.  Overall, we’d say that Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life would make for a nice stocking stuffer for someone dedicated to a knowledge of animals and landscape outside of the United States.

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