Intellivision Lives! celebrated their Nintendo DS collection release with a community event and party at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach.   The Intellivision legacy has been mostly championed by President Keith Robinson who has found clever ways to get the brand and marketing into the hands of fans of both the old school reverence and new adopters.

Over fifteen original designers and members of ‘The Blue Sky Rangers’ were present to sign DS covers, posters and tell their stories from the early days of video gaming.  Fans of Keith Robinson might recognize him from multiple episodes of COIN-OP TV from the Classic Gaming Expo, the live show in 2007 and his famous ‘take it to the lab‘ segment that made the Intellivision Lives! mug a highly prized possession!

The Intellivision Lives! Nintendo DS collection features over 60 emulations of classic games made specifically for this hand-held gaming system.  Blue Sky Rangers present (from photos) at this event include: Keith Robinson, Stephen Roney, William Fisher, Bob Newstadt, David Warhol, John P. Sohl, Mark Kennedy, Ray Roux, Traci Roux, Dale Lynn, Peggi Decarli Fiebig, Karen Nugent, Connie Goldman, David Akers and Michelle Mock.

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