Insomniac held their 2011 community day by taking over the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA this week.  There were about 400 fans and media in attendance and it was the first time this historic movie theater showcased video game footage.

Resistance 3 took the main stage with two presentations.  First was a walk-through of the opening level ‘Haven’ which featured insanely beautiful wind and other elements to help enhance the chaos of a Chimera invasion.  This level ended with a large gorilla or ‘hulk’ boss.  During the Q&A presentation the developers explained how they wanted to mix up melee and gunplay fighting this boss by having him rush the player then pause long enough to recover to fire weapons.

Later in the afternoon we were able to see a new level of the game not seen anywhere else publicly.  This level took place later in the game on a boat where thousands of Chimera aliens attacked your ship while you transversed a long water pathway to the next level which eventually ran you into a giant boss the size of the empire state building.

Before concluding the event – Insomniac developers confirmed that Resistance 3 would support Sony’s sharpshooter for PlayStation 3 Move controls and 3D support.  Resistance 3 looks and feels as pretty as one would expect but we’ll have to wait until Sept 2011 to see how it stacks up against some of the other big titles coming out this year.

(Pictured: Robert Welkner, Andrea Rene)