Injustice Gods Among Us is from the same development team who brought us the last Mortal Kombat (NetherRealm Studios) video game.  We praised the last Mortal Kombat game in mostly every way and Injustice Gods Among Us deserves the same treatment.  It’s refreshing when a new video game is released that takes familiar elements already established and mixes them up in new ways to create a fresh and fun experience.  Injustice Gods Among Us is plain and simple a FUN game – you can play with over 20 characters from the DC Universe (both hero or villain) against your friends (online/local) or by yourself.  Injustice is a welcome addition to the fighting game community as there hasn’t been much to get excited about over the last handful of months.

On a positive side Injustice Gods Among Us has a great roster of all the popular DC characters including Superman, Batman, The Flash, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and The Joker.  The game is violent but not as extreme or bloody as Mortal Kombat — also gone from the last MK game is the ability to tag in and tag out teammates.  The voice acting and cinematic scenes are top notch with familiar voices returning to lend their strengths to the game.  The games’ controls are pretty easy to pick up and play within minutes – something VERY important to winning over new fans of this type of gameplay.

Injustice Gods Among Us is a fantastic game and worth checking out – there are a few things that troubled us along the way.  First up the name of the game is pretty terrible and will most likely be a major contributor to confusion and sales.  Another thing we would have liked to see changed was the ‘mid-knock-out’ pause during gameplay action.  Each character is given two bars for health and once you take out one bar of health there is a game-pause usually with a ‘smack talk’ moment between the foes and then the carnage resumes.

The positives far out-way any complaints we had about the game.  Being able to use the environment as a weapon depending on which character to play with was a huge bonus and added to the overall ‘fun factor’ of Injustice Gods Among Us’. As far as fighting games go in 2013 – Injustice Gods Among Us is clearly the winner thus far – competitors like Capcom and Namco Bandai have much to live up to going into the nex-next generation of gaming consoles.

Injustice Gods Among Us CYBORG Gameplay

Injustice Gods Among Us DEATHSTROKE Gameplay

Injustice Gods Among Us AQUAMAN Gameplay