Nintendo used to keep their beloved franchises in-house. Team Ninja changed that with Metroid: Other M, which failed spectacularly. You think that would make Nintendo a little more gun-shy when it came to licensing out their series, but it seems they’ve trusted another company to take the reigns.

For Hyrule Warriors Tecmo Koei gets a shot at the top and boy did they aim high. Hyrule Warriors is a potent cocktail of Legend of Zelda sensibilities and Dynasty Warriors gameplay. LoZ already had the expansive areas to roam and epic boss battles, but now it has a sense of power from destroying hordes of enemies. The short amount I played felt exactly as advertised, though i didn’t expect the boss battle to feel quite as smooth as it did. King Dodongo was just as fearsome as he was it Ocarina of Time and the bomb was still his main weakness.  There was barely any slow down either, a problem usually fairly prevalent in these games as the enemies amass their numbers. The special attacks were fairly satisfying despite the small amount of them present. Hopefully this is an indicator that there are plenty of characters to choose from and not that Koei doesn’t have enough time to implement all they can. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Hyrule Warriors Trailer