For those that may not have been paying much attention the last few months after Halo 5: Guardians from Microsoft and 343 Industries launched in late 2015, you may not have noticed that the game’s multiplayer component has essentially doubled in size. The team at 343 has been pushing out FREE content updates every single month, with new maps, modes, weapons, vehicles, and REQ packs. For June, we see the return of the beloved Firefight mode that first made its debut in Halo 3: ODST.

Firefight is the wave-based cooperative mode that puts you and your friends (or matchmade teammates) against multiple drops of enemies. When it debuted in ODST you could essentially play forever. For Halo 5’s version 343 has paired it with the new Warzone mode and set it to 5 rounds. As you kill waves of enemies you unlock Req points as you do in base Warzone which enables you to get better gear, vehicles, and more to take out the ever-increasingly difficult enemies. At the end of the rounds three giant Warden bosses will drop that will take all of the team’s power to beat.

Pairing Firefight with Warzone works extremely well and enables each teammate to feel like they can do their part. As the waves go on your respawn timer gets longer and longer so you really do have to work together to beat the entire mode. I can easily see 343 tweaking difficulty and enemy types based on player feedback as the mode gets its legs and people start developing tactics to defeat the bosses.

Overall Warzone Firefight is a welcome addition to the quickly-growing Halo 5 multiplayer sandbox and if you haven’t checked out the game recently you may be pleasantly surprised at the massive amount of new content that exists compared to launch. You can have fun and get access to IWantCheats and unlock new levels.