Published by Bandai Namco Games, Gundam Versus is the ultimate fighting robot fanservice action game. Featuring giant mechs spanning the franchise’s near 40-year history, there are more than enough unlockables and modes to keep pilots of all skill levels busy for hours on end. Unfortunately, like facing multiple enemies at once in an intergalactic space battle, having that many options can be intimidating.

Even if you’re not familiar with the extensive lore of the Gundam universe, the basic gameplay of Gundam Versus is accessible enough for even novices to enjoy. After completing the Tutorial (which is highly recommended), there are offline and online modes to master, including Ranked Match and Player Match among others. Ultimate Battle is the most fun mode by far, as it sends waves and waves of mechanized mobile suits against you and a partner, leading to frantic white-knuckle sessions. The learning curve for mastering the many Gundams is a bit rough at first, but in no time you’ll be able to land spectacular long-range missile barrages and close quarters laser sword strikes with the best of the fleet.

Gundam Versus Review Final Thoughts:

After getting used to its extensive control scheme, Gundam Versus rewards you with a fun action game that has lots of replay value. If the flashy robot fighting doesn’t draw you in, then the deep combat mechanics and battle strategies needed to secure a victory will. Between the new Boost Dive mechanic that speeds up aerial combat and the Burst system’s Blazing Gear and Lightning Gear melee and ranged weapons enhancements, there are just enough new wrinkles to keep longtime Gundam fans going until the next armada encounter.

Gundam Versus on PS4


Gundam Versus Review Score



  • Nearly 200 Gundam mobile suit variations to choose from.
  • Multiple 2v2 and 3v3 modes, both online and locally.
  • Controls that are easy to pick up and challenging to master.


  • Lots of characters and suits that those unfamiliar with the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise won’t appreciate.
  • Convoluted menus and progression system.