The debate over whether a cover is better or worse than the original can go on for decades. Guilty Gear and Blazblue are like two delicious ice cream flavors. They have similar execution, but a vastly different tone and style. No matter your palate, sometimes you have to get a taste for the original. Guilty Gear Xrd is set to bring the series into the new century. It’s been almost 6 years so you’d think the newest installment might feel rusty or jagged, but instead it feels like reuniting with an old friend.

Controls feel more silky smooth than black ice covered in butter. Returning characters feel just like before, with some of the more superfluous systems removed. Don’t worry Faultless Defense is still around, though other systems have been simplified to attract a more casual audience. Speaking of easy, this Xrd is a sight for sore eyes. Out of all the games at E3, this one was the most beautiful. The animations were simply flawless. The new entrances for each fighter might’ve stole the show if it weren’t for the return of the iconic Instant Kills. Guilty Gear took it’s sweet time getting back on stage, but boy does it seem ready to rock and roll.

Guilty Gear Xrd Trailer