Developed by Invincible Cat, Guilt Battle Arena is a frantic 2D arena shooter that champions the (now) old-school gaming concept of local co-op play. Either alongside or against your friends on the couch, Guilt Battle Arena puts players in the shoes of a member of The GUILT Patrol as they fight the Dreadful Judge and his plans for galactic domination.

Though the game has 7 modes and 6 modifiers, its one defining gimmick is the reload mechanic. More specifically, you only have one bullet in your gun in which to defeat your enemies. With that in mind, it becomes as important to decide where to fire as it is to consider where your bullet will land, as you’ll need to pick it up before you can fire again. It will take a few rounds of you dodging cannon fire, exploding kittens, and other perils before you get used to this quirk, but once you do, you’ll be in the thick of the best that Guilt Battle Arena has to offer. Particularly when playing against live local opponents or sped-up enemy AI, every shot could be your last if you misjudge a single jump or underestimate the opposition.

guilt battle arena review

Guilt Battle Arena Review Final Thoughts:

A fun indie experience, Guilt Battle Arena is a worthy addition to your party gaming lineup when you have friends over for a few hours. While its limited options won’t make it the centerpiece of a couch co-op game night as Rock Band, Smash Bros., or Dragon Ball FighterZ would, it is simple enough for novice players to pick up and enjoy almost instantly. Add in the replay element of additional unlockable costumes to collect, and you may find yourself guilty of playing Guilt Battle Arena for a few rounds yourself.

Guilt Battle Arena on PS4


Guilt Battle Arena Review Score



  • Simple controls and unique “one bullet” ammo mechanic.
  • Single-player modes and local multiplayer for up to 4 people.
  • Fun collectible costumes earned in-game, not via purchasable loot boxes.


  • Can get repetitive after just a few rounds.
  • Frustrating enemy AI that feels cheaply overpowered before their attack patterns are mastered.