Guardians of Middle-earth GLOIN DLC – Review

In online multiplayer games, it is imperative to keep consumers invested and excited about your game.  Monolith does a fantastic job keeping players enthusiastic and involved through their consistent character DLC releases for Guardians of Middle-earth.  Their newest character is Gloin of Erebor, father to Gimli and member of Thorin’s Company.

Gloin falls under the Warrior class and is a fairly well-balanced character.  He is not quite as stout as a Defender, but he can certainly hold his own.  I definitely like him as a character and would play him again.  I would certainly recommend him to people who are just starting out in Guardians of Middle-earth as he isn’t overly complicated to play, as long as you don’t over-extend yourself with the Durin’s Line attack – a charging attack that could leave you too deep in enemy territory.  Otherwise, simply use your Dwarven Stubbornness and Mighty Axe liberally and pull out the A Bit of Fire when your enemy tries to run.

I’ve also provided some gameplay and commentary for those of you that want to see him in action.

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