If you’re looking for a fun and charming open-world platforming experience, then it’s time to Grow Up, BUD.

The sequel to 2015’s Grow Home, Grow Up puts players in the role of BUD, a robot trying to gather the parts for his ship after crash landing on the moon. In order to reach the moon and other incredible altitudes, BUD can scan various Floraforms (plants) to adapt their wondrous abilities. You can also learn how to glide, roll up in a ball all Metroid-like, and use a jetpack to reach new spots. When used in tandem with your climbing abilities, the possibilities are endless.

Aside from the initial text-based directive you’re given to find the missing components of your MOM ship, Grow Up doesn’t do much hand-holding, and I LOVE that. Your curiosity is more than enough drive to get you across plateaus and up craggy mountainsides. Sure you have your friendly POD to offer helpful instructions and the occasional tip or waypoint, but it’s up to you to venture through the planet and ascend to your goals.

As far as presentation goes, Grow Up is a whimsical world that you’ll enjoy wandering around in. The colors are bright and vivid despite some wonky visuals, such as BUD’s very legs, which felt to be two steps behind of my current button press. The best views are those from on high after a particularly lengthy climb, giving you a chance to see your handiwork in all its glory.

In regards to the Floraform themselves, most are fun to play with though just a handful are particularly useful. I found myself either climbing a giant stock or bouncing on a mushroom I had just planted, creating a sequence when necessary to locate ship parts or glide to new ground.

Those looking for an approachable and engaging platformer, then you’ll grow fond of Grow Up. Once you get past the minimal learning curve at the start, it’s as rewarding as your sense of adventure will take you. In this case, the possibilities are truly sky high.

Grow Up is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.