Grid 2 promises to be an immersive experience for the racing video game enthusiast.  It looks sharp and crisp and will offer players plenty of options like street racing, road racing and circuit racing – the developers of Grid 2 want this title to have multiple aspects of all racing fused into one game.

Grid 2 offers somewhat of a narrative story in which your character will start off with minimal resources and have to gain fans as ‘currency’ in order to race larger and more advanced tracks.  Codemasters has been responsible for some great racing games in the past and Grid 2 appears to be stacking up nicely against them.  Grid 2 will offer full customizable controls and will utilize ‘Race Net’ a website that is their equivalent to EA’s ‘autolog’.  We had a chance to chat with Clive Moody from Codemasters on Grid 2 – enjoy!

Grid 2 Hands-On Interview

Grid 2 Teaser

Grid 2 Chicago Gameplay

Grid 2 Barcelona Gameplay

Grid 2 Red Bull Racing Gameplay