img_1399.jpgCOIN-OP TV on location at ‘The Greatest American Hero‘ 25th Anniversary Reunion at the Screen Actors Guild – Sunday, September 7th 2008.

With a new comic on the way from Catastrophic Comics and a possible movie in the works, according to creator, producer and writer, Stephen J. Cannell, the classic 80s superhero TV series is back in a big way!  The news was part of a 25th Anniversary cast reunion.  The entire cast – William Katt, Robert Culp, Connie Sellecca and Michael Pare were joined by Stephen J., composer Mike Post, stuntman Dennis “Danger” Madalone and some of the original crew members.

The evening was a funny and memorable look back at an old favorite.  Clips from the show, which was just recently released on DVD in its entirety were shown, eliciting cheers and big laughs from an enthusiastic audience.  The cast answered questions presented by moderator John Tesh.  Questions ranged from favorite episode to minutiae involving individual episodes. Unfortunately discussion of the upcoming movie, animated series and comic were at a minimum, leaving the direction of the series a mystery!

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