2016 is the year of Ghostbusters again with a new movie, new video game and tons of new toys and merchandise surrounding the license.  Activision Publishing released the Ghostbusters video game earlier in the week which takes place after the new Ghostbusters film (2016) and features single-player or up to four-player local co-op dungeon crawling action and ghost trapping.

The graphics and visual style of the new Ghostbusters game are clever and for those familiar with the grind of a game like Diablo you may feel right at home.  There’s not much to this game as the majority of action is spent firing weapons at spawning ghosts and zombies, waiting for your weapons to cool down and then eventually ‘teaming’ up to secure a ghost and trap it with your proton packs.

The new Ghostbusters video game is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC for $49.99 far too high an asking price for this type of simple gameplay experience.  Had this game been priced at $19.99 we may be singing praises of it being a cute ancillary property to the Ghostbusters movie but at almost full price you’ll be scratching your head wondering how you’ll get the most out of this game.