For Honor is an upcoming video game from Ubisoft releasing in February 2017 – we had a chance to play the For Honor alpha recently in the comforts of our own studio.  For Honor offers a chance for gamers to get medieval with harsh battle tactics that are up-close and personal.  The gameplay mechanics are very ‘rock-paper-scissors’ when it comes to countering an opponents’ moves but can also be very ‘cat and mouse’ for the patient gamer.

For Honor will most likely appeal to fans of the Dark Souls series as the combat is very similar yet will take some time to get used to and master for each different character class.  At a glance For Honor still feels like sort of a ‘tech demo’ however since this was an alpha we can only expect so much and are eager to get our hands on the finished game to see what Ubisoft does with the campaign.

The closed alpha will test a work-in-progress slice of the multiplayer content with a limited number of players in order to generate feedback and assess for stability. During this test, players will get their chance to embody skilled and deadly elite warriors from the Knight, Viking and Samurai factions. The closed alpha will feature four previously showcased Heroes including the Kensei, Orochi, Warden and Raider, plus two brand-new warriors, Conqueror and Berserker. Each Hero is equipped with a unique set of skills, weapons, armor and fighting styles, as well as a wide library of customization options.